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ALCOMA All Outdoor link is compact low cost link with all active parts in outdoor unit (ODU). ODU is either integrated with antenna or connected to antenna via flexible waveguide. The only inside part of the link is passive terminal box used for power feeding and user data connection. Terminal box is either protected with integrated surge protector or unprotected. Configuration and management can be performed by ASD Client software.

The first ALCOMA all outdoor link was introduced to market in 2004 - the link with 1E1+Ethernet, capacity, 8/16 Mbps full duplex. There were several models developed and produced since that time, today's model ALxxF MP100/155/165/360 is the 3rd generation of all outdoor links with Ethernet interface and capacity up to 384 Mbps full duplex (768 Mbps aggregate).

Millimeter wave radio relay link with the same mechanical and management concept is AL80GE - all outdoor link for 70 / 80 GHz frequency band (E-band). With its several interface modifications AL80GE is among the top world full gigabit radio relay products.

ALxxF MP400 link is really new generation model which incorporates our experience from more than 8 years of development and production of all outdoor links. With its capacity up to 900 Mbps full duplex (1,8 Gbps aggregate), hitless ACM and modulation schemes up to 1024QAM ALxxF MP400 brings new dimension to microwave links market and can be used as adequte alternative to 60 and 80 GHz milimeter wave links.