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Outdoor rack cabinets

Outdoor rack cabinet enables to install backbone radio, Ethernet switch and wireless access point technology without need of any indoor place. The rack cabinet can be installed either on the mast or on the wall. Both 19“ equipment and DIN rail equipment can be installed in the rack. 

Outdoor rack

Outdoor rack





Key parameters

    • 19” rack cabinet with backup accumulators and accumulator charge balancer
    • 8 hours electrical backup (24 V DC, 50 W load)
    • 230 V AC electrical power feeding input
    • Backup power feeding input plug for electrical generator, automatic switching with optical signalization


    • Management and monitoring over mini PC with open source system
    • Monitoring of 230 V voltage levels on the rack input and power converter input
    • Remote reset of 24 V DC voltage level
    • Inside and outside temperature monitoring
    • Real voltage measuring on 24 V DC level
    • Open cabinet door monitoring
    • Sun shade

Example of confiuration

  •  8U high cabinet with mast holder, 24 V DC output, max. 120 W load, containing DIN rail, 5 circuit breakers, contactor, 230 V AC plug, electrical generator plug and electrical terminals and cabling.


    Extra options:

    Raspberry mini PC with housing

    Disconnector for Raspberry mini PC

    DC/DC convertor 5 V

    Thermometer  I2C

    Open door monitoring

    Dual 230 V monitoring

    Remote reset