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zenith R H
 zenith r

ZENITH R / R H is compact, easy to deploy and low cost microwave radio relay link especially designed for lastmiles. It is suitable for building LAN, MAN and WAN networks. ZENITH R use channel bandwidth up to 56 MHz, modulation scheme up to 256 QAM and transmission capacity is up to 360 Mpbs full duplex. ZENITH R H use channel bandwidth up to 112 MHz, modulation scheme up to 4096 QAM and transmission capacity is up to 1Gbps with possibility of asymmetric channels

The link operates in freebands 17 or 24 GHz with TX power range from -30 to +10 dBm. It has to be operated according to local regulations in each country.

The whole equipment is built in outdoor unit (ODU). The ODU is integrated with antenna to one compact system. The ODU has automatic polarization detection and several methods for service access including USB or WiFi connection.

The ZENITH ODU contains Gigabit Ethernet interface for user data and SFP port for optical fiber connection. The ODU and protected terminal box/PoE are interconnected via S-STP Cat.7 cable which is used both for power feeding and user interfaces. Also separated power feeding is possible via DC input.

The link supports Automatic transmit power control (ATPC) and Adaptive coding and modulation (ACM). Together with great sensitivity, high output power and antennas with high gain it makes the link determinated for high quality connections under all weather conditions.

Fast and responsive web interface and possibility to set up the link by SSH or Telnet makes the deployment extremely fast. Also the other integrated features like a automatic polarization detection, spectrum analyzer, console, USB/WiFi connection makes the maintenance much easier.


Main features



 Frequency band    17.1-17.3 | 24.0-24.25      17.1-17.3 | 24.0-24.25   
 Tranmission capacity   2.7 - 1002 Mbps full duplex   4.9 - 360 Mbps full duplex
 Channel bandwidth   3.5 - 112 MHz 3.5 - 56 MHz
 Asymmetric channels  yes no
 Channel duplex spacing    Selectable, min 18 MHz  min 60 MHz
 Modulation scheme QPSK - 4096 QAM QPSK - 256QAM
 RF Output power  -30 to +10 dBm  -25 to +5 dBm | -30 to +10 dBm 
 ATPC  yes  yes
 ACM   hitless  hitless
 Synchronization  SyncE, 1588v2   
 Power Consumption  22.5 W  21 | 23 W
 User interfaces 1x ETH, 1x SFP, 1x USB 1x ETH, 1x SFP, 1x USB
 Operating temperature  -30 to +55°C -30 to +55°C
 Other features  Inband management, VLAN support
  Maximal packet length 10 240 bytes
  Full support of VLANs including QinQ
  QoS support
  RSTP support
  Advanced RMON statistic and counters
  Automatic polarization detection
  PoE active 40 - 60VDC IEEE 802.3at, DC 20 - 60 VDC floating
  Overvoltage protection integrated in terminal box with user interfaces
  Possibility of redundant power supply
  Low power consumption, solar ready
  Full software configuration
  Forward error correction (FEC)
  WiFi and USB service interface, mobile app
  SNMP support v1, v2, vSNMP support v1, v2, v3, SNMP traps3, SNMP traps
    HTTP/S, Telnet, SSH management