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 Technical parameters
 Product specification
 Main features    
 - All Outdoor solution AL80GE
 - Frequency band 80 GHz (71-76 / 81-86 GHz)
 - Channel bandwidth 1250 MHz
 - Modulation scheme DBPSK
 - Transmission capacity 1400 Mbps
 - User data throughput up to 1150 Mbps full duplex
   (2300 Mbps aggregate)
 - 2x Gigabit Ethernet user interfaces
 - Optionaly SFP slot for optical/electric Ethernet
 - Maximal packet length 10240 bytes
 - Optimized for IPTV transmission
 - 1+0 and 1+1 system configurations
 - Possibility of radio transmission crypting
 - Possibility of using one S-STP cable for user data, diagnostic
   data and power feeding
 - Overvoltage protection integrated in ODU
 - Overvoltage protection integrated in terminal box
   with user interfaces
 - Possibility of redundant power supply
 - Low power consumption
 - Full software configuration
 - Forward error correction (FEC)
 - Automatic power control (ATPC)
 - Management system with possibility of SQL database
 - SNMP support
 Description     ODU AL80GE  
ALCOMA AL80GE is compact, easy to deploy and low cost millimeter wave radio relay lïnk for building backbones networks. The link uses channel bandwidth 1250 MHz and modulation scheme DBPSK. Its transmission capacity is up to 1150 Mbps full duplex (2300 Mbps aggregate).
The link operates in license free / light licensed / licensed band 71-76 / 81-86 band (E-band). It can be operated according to local regulations in each country.
The whole equipment is built in outdoor unit (ODU). ODU is integrated with antenna to one compact system. It uses protected terminal box instead of indoor unit. User interfaces and powering is protected with surge protectors both in ODU and protected terminal box. Protected terminal box may be installed either on DIN rail or in 19“ rack. 35 and 65 cm antennas can be used with the equipment.
The equipment contains two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces with optional SFP slot for electric/optical Gigabit Ethernet. The whole transmission capacity (1000 Mbps) can be transmit either in one channel or split to two independent data channels (1150 Mbps). The ODU and protected terminal box are interconnected via one or two S-STP Cat.7 cables which are used both for powering and user interfaces. There are RJ-45 user interface connectors on protected terminal box. User interface connector is directly on ODU in case of using SFP slot. Fibre optic type is determined by used SFP module. In this case S-STP cable either only powers the equipment or may be used both for powering and second data channel or management data channel.
The link incorporates powerful Trellis Coded Modulation with Concatenated Reed Salomon error correction to ensure low residual BER<10-13. The link also supports Automatic transmit power control (ATPC). All these functions participate on high transmission quality under all weather conditions.  ALCOMA ASD CLIENT
ALCOMA ASD CLIENT is application for maintenance, management and diagnostics of link. It allows real time management of large radio networks and simplifies their maintenance. NMS interface may be separated from user data traffic. SNMP protocol is supported by the equipment too. Client server solution ALCOMA ASD SERVER with SQL database is suitable for large and heterogeneous networks.
Set of protected terminal boxes for 19” rackProtected terminal box ALS1