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Tailor made applications

ALCOMA developed and built lot off tailor made solutions in many parts off the world.


Microwave retransmission point - microwave retransmission point with solar power feeding serves as most suitable solution in the places without electricity. With its total power consumption less than 20 Watts it has been reliably operating for 1+1.

Mobile containers for cell operators - mobile container with telescopic pneumatic mast can serve as a mobile BTS for temporary or additional coverage during concerts or sport events, for winter or summer high season etc. It can be easily placed anywhere and thanks to freeband radio relay link quickly connected to the existing mobile network.

Passive retransmission - passive retransmission can serve as a cost effective solution to reach place without direct visibility. Eventhough its usage is limited by distance, it can be the most simple and most reliable solution.

Do you have a need of not standard or complicated solution? Do not hesitate and ask us whether we can help you.