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Fixed Networks

Everybody who needs data or internet connection or has its PBX but does not own cable infrastructure is potential user of radio relay links. Radio relay links are especially suitable for building fixed networks of alternative telecommunication operators with insufficient or without cable infrastructure. Spreading of infrastructure of local operators or providing voice and data services to big corporate customers and offices is another suitable application.

ALCOMA radio relay link can

- connect PBX to the network using up to 63E1/T1 interfaces, Ethernet or STM-1/OC-3 interface and their combinations

- connect LANs, WANs and MANs with single radio capacity up to 1 Gbps

- serve as a backbone for POPs of internet service providers

- transfer IPTV

- mix the above and build combined cost effective voice/data/video networks for independent WISPs and alternative telecommunication operators

- speed up connection of places as temporary service before cable connection is built and established

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