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Mobile Link Calculator

We are pleasured to introduce you our new application ALCOMA Link Budget Calculator. ALCOMA a.s. prepared this useful tool for all users of microwave point-to-point links. The purpose is to make the installations faster, easier and more effective.  

You can make calculation of free space loss, fade margin or link budget calculation in your mobile phone without any need of internet connection. For ALCOMA customers there is another great feature – the application contains database of all parameters (sensitivity, transmission capacity, antenna gain, etc) of all ALCOMA models. With this tool it’s not a problem to calculate expected RX Level or RSSI Voltage in a few second even during the installation.


ALCOMA Link Calculator - ANDROID ALCOMA Link Calculator - Windows Mobile

ALCOMA Link Calculator - iOS

ALCOMA Link Budget Calculator offers you:

  • Fade margin calculator for frequencies up to 80 GHz
  • Expected RX level calculator for frequencies up to 80 GHz
  • Calculation of TX Power from antenna (EIRP)
  • Database of all ALCOMA models with all necessary values
  • Database of all ALCOMA antennas with their real gain
  • Calculator of expected antenna gain based on the frequency and diameter of the antenna
  • Possibility to switch between metric and imperial units

The Android version also offers:

  • Possibility to save your calculation
  • Fresnel zone calculation
  • Power units and Frequency/Wavelength converter
  • Calculation of antenna gain and beamwidth
  • Power from antenna (EIRP) calculator

The ALCOMA Link Calculator is now available for all mobile platforms - Android, iOS and Windows Mobile.

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In case of any suggestions or questions feel free to write us: jan.stejskal@al-wireless.com